Workshop – Central and Eastern Europe: Past, Present and Future, Limerick, 2020

The second annual workshop “Central and Eastern Europe: Past, Present and Future” aims to bring together research students and early career scholars in Ireland working on Russian, Central, and Eastern European topics in any discipline on Friday, February 28, 2020 – 09:00 at University of Limerick, Ireland.

The theme of this year’s workshop is looking at the region of Central and Eastern Europe across time. In this sense, papers can look into different processes (historical, social, political, demographic, economic, cultural) that either took or are taking place in Central and Eastern Europe (including the territory of the former USSR). The papers can give an analysis of historical events from the region or investigate how these processes shaped the current situation in Central and Eastern Europe. Additionally, papers can offer an insight into current processes and their effect on the future of Central and Eastern Europe (e.g. environment, climate change or the future of the EU in the region). The papers may approach the topic from different fields in humanistic and social sciences – history, sociology, political science, international relations, anthropology, economy, theatre and film studies, arts, comparative literature – while the multi-disciplinary approach is encouraged.

The one-day workshop will take place at the University of Limerick on February 28th, 2020. The event is supported by the Irish Association for Russian, Central and Eastern European Studies (IARCEES). The annual workshop aims at exchanging early career research between peers working on Central and Eastern Europe across the fields.

In April 2019, a group of PhD students at Maynooth University organised the first annual workshop in order to create a knowledge exchange platform for Ireland-based postgraduate students researching Central and Eastern Europe. With the support of Centre for European and Eurasian Studies, a one-day workshop was organised at Maynooth University gathering 15 MA, PhD and postdoc students. The participants presented papers, across fields, on the theme of transitions in Central and Eastern Europe.

The IARCEES and the University of Limerick will be able to cover accommodation expenses for a certain number of applicants coming from outside the Limerick area.
We invite all interested applicants to submit abstracts for papers (up to 300 words) by December 15th. Abstracts must be accompanied by a short biography (up to 150 words) and the title of the proposed presentation. We encourage the use of PowerPoint for the related presentations, which should last approximately 15 minutes.

Those interested in receiving accommodation bursaries are asked to express their interest by attaching a note. Applicants should specify whether they require accommodation for the night before or after the workshop. Candidates should send their abstracts and biographies to Marina Selnitsyna and/or

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